Photo Shoot for The Fine Restaurants & Villas Magazine at Downtown Villa, 2005
Fashion Show at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium for MURI Record, with 22 Designers and 220 Models, organized by Potrait Agency with theme “U Decide”, Jakarta 2005.
Fashion Show collaborated with Indonesian Singer performance ‘Dewi Sandra’ and sponsored her clothes on JAKARTA FASHION FOOD and FESTIVAL (JFFF) 21-29 May 2005 at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading – Jakarta.
Sponsored clothes for Bali TV programmed, Bali 2005.
Fashion Show, take an exhibition and won the 1st winner of “The Best Designer” of BALI FASHION WEEK VI – June 8 – 10’ 2005 on Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel and Shopping Mall, Bali.
Fashion Show at Paparazzi Bar & Lounge, Kuta – Bali 2005.
Fashion Show for Anniversary of Rumors Bar & Restaurant, Kuta – Bali 2005.
Fashion Show and exhibition for ‘BALI FESTIVAL’ at Pasaraya Grande, Jkt 2005 w/ some member of APPMI Bali.
Fashion Show for BCA Anniversary ‘Private Party’, Bali 2005.
Fashion Show for C U in BALI event of Kama Sutra Bar & Restaurant Kuta – Bali, November 2005. The models are Indonesian Actress such as; Rachel Maryam, Nirina Zubir, Dina Olivia and Marcella Zailanty.
Fashion Show on FASHION TENDANCE 2006, Fashion Exploration of Liberty in the Bapindo Plaza Assembly Hall 9th Floor, Jkt. Dec 13 – 14’ 2005.
Fashion Show for Graduation Dua Be Model Agency at Ina Beach Hotel Kuta – Bali, April 09’2006.
Fashion Show for Anniversary Absolute Model Agency at Nikki Hotel Gatsu – Bali, April 16’2006.
Fashion Show on FASHION TENDANCE 2007 with BPD APPMI Bali at Sofitel Hotel Seminyak Bali, 09 September 2006.
Fashion Show regular Ethnic VS Punk at Kwin Bar Dhyana Pura Kuta - Bali, 15 September 2006.

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